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Author: Subject: Gang Rules
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[*] posted on 30-4-2021 at 08:38 AM
Gang Rules



Welcome as a recognized gang within the server you will be given a few benefits such as:

  • Knowledge of certain illegal activities such as insider knowledge of drug locations or a profession your gang will specialize in.
  • A gang weapon of your choice, whether that be a baseball bat or a tec-9, this weapon will be exclusive to your gang and available in 10 weapons dropped off in a batch by an in-game admin every 2 weeks should your gang wish to purchase them.
  • With this in mind you are expected to follow the rule set laid out to you in this document, as a Gang Leader it should be your responsibility to show and explain this document to your members.

Gang Character Creation & Customisation

Players must create a realistic gang character using the character customization system. Staff may request a player to change their character's customization if the character is deemed unfit for the server environment.

When naming your character, you must consider the following;

  • Names cannot be famous or be similar to a famous person's name.
  • Names may not be the same as or similar to characters in video games (unless included in the GTA Lore), movies, TV shows, or any other form of media.
  • Names should match the character's background.
  • Names should exist in the modern-day and be reasonably common.
  • Names should not be comical or reference memes or pop culture.
  • Names may not contain any special characters, and they must match a Firstname Lastname format.
  • Names may not be nicknames and should be full names as they would be shown on a government-issued ID.
  • Gag names such as Ben Dover are not allowed either.

Gang Members must be at least 18 years old. The only exception to this rule is if you make a character with the intent of getting involved with a gang faction. This is to allow more realistic recruitment for gangs as they typically target teenagers for recruitment. These characters are not allowed to be younger than 16 years old.

Staff will have the final say when it comes to a name being valid or not. Players instructed to find another name should do so.

None of your characters should have any impact on anything your other characters are involved in. The metagaming rule goes into more detail about this.

Each of your characters should be unique from your other characters. Making similar characters that have the same motivations, goals, objectives, etc. is forbidden. This is to avoid player's name changing to avoid consequences. Switching names between your characters are also forbidden.

Should your character be perma-killed, the character that comes after should have no connection to the previous character. Any character in a faction that is name changed or perma-killed must follow Faction Management's regulations for returning to the same faction. If a faction has no written agreement with Faction Management, then a returning character should be discussed with Faction Management. The purpose of this rule is to make sure that character deaths have an impact on factions.


Rules of Engagement

  • When a gang does not have any current tensions in play current server rules of engagement must be enforced, this will mean a shout or a vocal initiation MUST take place!
  • When there are no current tensions between gangs ambush RP will not be allowed there must be a pre-agreed tit for tat agreement in place before any ambushes would occur on any gang hideouts or illegal places of business.
  • At times of tension and an ambush or a shoot-out is likely to take place you MUST wear your gang colours. This must be your gangs defining colour whether that is blue, purple, or pink. You MUST wear that colour.
  • If you're stalking someone's house you must give them a 5 minute buffer time to get into roleplay before initiating hostile roleplay when there are tensions between your group and theirs.
  • If someone is loading in at their hideout in the middle of a shootout or some other hostile RP, you must give them a fighting chance to get involved before just killing them.

Businesses Illegal

Illegal businesses such as running drug labs, peddling drugs on the streets, having a trap house etc.
These businesses will have a very lax ruleset to follow however these businesses can be attacked by opposing gangs if they gather enough knowledge of these in-game and in character if they successfully hit a gangs business the gang that successfully pulled off the hit will put that business out of commission for an OC week.

Businesses Legal

Legal Businesses are a Forced Neutral zone, this means when within these zones any RP put forth mustn’t be gang driven the legal businesses are for a more relaxed interaction within RP and we do not want to discourage that by enabling gangs to shoot these places up or hit out on other gang members within these businesses.

Gang Hideouts

Gang hideouts should only be a target if a special moment happened. It shouldn't be a target at all times and must be respected by both sides. Even if your gang does not respect the other, it is respect on an OOC level for the community members behind the characters.

Extortion and Racketeering

The MAX percentage is 20% that you can extort someone for, and the business should be within your turf or you must have pre-existing tensions with said group.
For example, if a business is charging $500 per head for entry your maximum charge per head would be $100 for a racketeering fee, the gang must put forth something for this exchange such as protection from other gangs.

Robbing and Scamming

Gangs should avoid Robbing and scamming new players at ALL times unless the new player started the initiation for hostile roleplay on you.
For example, if you see a new player you mustn't engage with them in a hostile way in order to provoke a reaction however you may defend yourself if need be.

Property Destruction

Illegal businesses can be targeted by other gangs with tension and set fire to it or blow it up. This could warrant a gang would need to spend money or materials to rebuild their business which would also take time.

When tagging a gang hideout/place of business it must be limited to two tags per person, and initiated only if there is a chance of them being caught, whether that be leaving something behind in a way of a scene or a gang member being present nearby, you mustn't engage in any hostile RP as your a trespassing on their property.

Green Zones

Pillbox hospital, the parking lot, will also go into the threshold of about 1 block around, this is to ensure people from killing each other in green zones.
For now, the police department is also a green zone also a block around due to the police forces presence this may change in the future.

Use of Firearms and Custom Gang Weapons

Only use firearms if absolutely necessary, a situation doesn’t always have to end in a gunfight, diplomatic means can also be used.
What is done with your gang's weapons is up to the gang leader whether they be used by the gang or sold on the streets.


  • No more than 2 Passes with a drive-by, If the message was not achieved then tough luck.
  • Drive-By MUST be done in gang colours.
  • There must be pre-existing Tensions or another gang on your turf.
  • If your intent is to do a drive-by, you should stay in your vehicle until you are away from the scene unless it gets disabled.

Use of Explosives

Explosives are for the gang on gang violence only! There is to be no use of them for heists or to set traps for cops or any civilians.
For example, you can use explosives on gang production facilities etc however you MUST NOT use these for an upper hand during regular RP such as bank heists etc…
To use explosives within RP there must be at least 4 members on the defending side of the RP to make it fair.

Recruitment Rules

You are not allowed to bribe someone to join your gang, not with cash or items or information.
For example, you cannot offer new members information about drug locations, how to do this or that, you also cannot offer any monetary incentives to join your gang.
You can allow them to push drugs etc for you and you can pay them a fair price for it or not! But you mustn't pay them too much.
This is to keep up within RP and stop people from joining up with gangs just for the money or information.

Advertisement Rules

There are to be no spam advertisements in or out of character.
This means no spamming the silk road, two adverts per day in and out of character, you can advertise your gang within the discord via an OOC application to show an interest in your gang, any initiations MUST take place in character and in-game!

Torture Roleplay Rules

In order to torture someone, you must ask, and get their consent in the /OOC chat.
If you consent to torture and the roleplay passes a point where you can no longer stand it, you should “/me Fades to black” at which point the torture roleplay will stop and the involved parties will reach an agreement on what would become of the tortured character.
The main information you can receive is hideout locations, drug processing or farming spots.


Common Courtesy

While out of character it is expected of you to remain respectful and calm towards others. Every player should feel welcome in the community no matter what their background is. Any form of OOC discrimination is forbidden and can result in a community ban if it is severe enough.

Always follow an administrator's instructions even if you disagree with the decision. If you feel an admin is making the wrong decision, the decision can be reviewed by a member of Staff Management.

Failing to roleplay a situation is strictly forbidden. You're expected to be roleplaying at all times, If a player breaks the rule during the situation you must finish the roleplay and report later. You must also roleplay any injuries that occur to your character or any accidents that happen when driving, even if you are alone.

Examples of breaking this rule:

  • Insulting another player through whatsapp or twitter
  • Spamming
  • Disregarding an administrator's decision
  • Failing to roleplay a car crash, unless it was clearly caused due to desync (contact an admin through /report if you wish for a crash to be voided).
  • Leaving the server intentionally to avoid roleplay or consequences of any kind
  • Taking advantage of an OOC issue to give yourself an advantage in an IC situation (stealing a vehicle from a player whose game crashed, initiating a shootout when a player involved crashed, driving off from a traffic stop when a law enforcement officer disconnects, waiting for someone to type to get an IC advantage)
  • AFK during roleplay situation
  • Ignoring an employee at an open business and just using the script to buy something, customize your character or customize your vehicle. You must roleplay with an employee if they are present. Vehicle modding must always be roleplayed in full

Leaving the game just after an active situation, it is best to wait 30 minutes as people might be actively looking for your character.

Third Party Modifications And Software

Any type of game modification or software which gives a player any type of advantage over another player is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to binds or hotkeys using programs such as AutoHotkey or macros on a keyboard or mouse.

Client-side modding to give an advantage is also considered a breach of the rule. Client-side modding may only be done for aesthetic purposes and should never be done to change the function of anything in-game.

Players are permitted to use a controller to play the game. However, due to the fact that controllers have aim assist they may not be used during shootings. All shooting must be done while playing with mouse and keyboard. Controller usage for driving and flying is acceptable.

  • Using a vehicle mod to change the handling of a vehicle or change the size to create an advantage.
  • Spawning in items.
  • Use of god mode or giving yourself body armour without in-character access.
  • Usage of keybinds, hotkeys or macros to replace roleplay or give an advantage in a roleplay scene (That are not in your /binds menu!)

Bug Abuse

Any bugs found out by players are to be reported in the right forum section or via /bug. Abusing or exploiting features in order to gain a result that is not intended by the server's script, the FiveM client and/or the game itself is considered to be bug abuse.

Situations that are likely to be bugs should also be reported as they are found. Some examples are finding a property for sale that has a lot of weapons or drugs inside, finding a vehicle that is not available to purchase and finding a way to use certain scripts (such as scripted jobs) more efficiently outside of the intended use. Situations like these should be reported to an admin so they can investigate it before a player interacts with it.

Any bugs discovered by players must be reported on the forums or via /bug under the correct section or reported in-game for staff input. Players found to be abusing/exploiting bugs in the server's script are liable to be banned. Players who are also aware of the bug but do not report witnessing abuse/exploitation may also be subject to punishment up to a permanent ban. If you think you have discovered a bug in-game and wish to test it, it may only be done under the supervision of an admin.


  • Discovering a bug that allows you to drive locked vehicles or dealership vehicles, then driving said vehicles around.
  • Failing to report a bug that results in other players abusing it after.
  • Finding a property for sale that costs less than it should, or has the wrong interior, then failing to report it
  • Exploiting a reported bug that allows you to duplicate assets such as weapons and money.

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